Other Ceremonies

More of the Ceremonies that Celebrate Life and Love.

The humanist tradition is rich in the celebration of every stage of life. Here are some samples. The complete texts are available, of course, on request.


Baby Naming

“We gather today to celebrate a new life among us. Out of their love and commitment, Nicole and John have made a child. …

“Nicole, John, what name do you give this child?”


Coming of Age

“David, Laura, your (son Aidan) (daughter Melissa) is leaving childhood behind. Your hopes and dreams for …”

“Aidan (Melissa), look now at the parents who have … “


Renewal of Vows

“We gather today in the love of friendship and family to celebrate a renewal of the marriage vows between …”

“Tony, will you take Janice’s hand and make your vows to her? …”


Memorial Service

“’In the presence of death, we must continue to sing the song of life’, the philosopher Seneca wrote two thousand years ago.

Today we gather not to mourn, but to sing the song of the life of …”



“May you go forward in joy, in hope, in courage, in peace.”

“May we go forth, walking in harmony together, and may life’s gifts surround you.”