Friends Ceremony

The Wedding of Bradley and Elizabeth

(Note: In the Quaker, or Friends tradition, the congregation of family and friends “marries” the bride and groom, and they pledge their love and promises in their own words. Here, the Celebrant makes it all official for the city and state.)

Welcome to the celebration of Bradley and Elizabeth. Please be seated.

(Bradley and Elizabeth come in separately, Elizabeth preceded by flower girl Sandra. The Celebrant, who is holding the vows the couple have written, hands his to Bradley.)

Bradley …

I promise to always love you,
to always stand by you,
to always support you
and champion your causes.
For as long as I live,
you will never swim troubled waters alone.
You have my faith, my fidelity, and my friendship.
I will always be the rock you can rely on.
My love is the one constant you can trust,
because in body and soul,
you are the most beautiful work of art
I have ever known.

(Celebrant retrieves Bradley’s vows, hands hers to Elizabeth.)

Elizabeth …

You are the love of my life,
and you inspire my every moment.
You are my hero
and my ideal of happiness.
I promise to always love you
and support you.
I will cherish our union
and love you more each day,
through good and bad times,
in sickness and in health.
And I will grow with you
throughout the seasons of life.

Marcus and Franklin, please bring Bradley and Elizabeth their wedding rings.

(Elizabeth and Bradley exchange rings and promises)

BRADLEY: Elizabeth, with this ring I thee wed, and promise you my love, my devotion, and my faithfulness through all the seasons of my life.

ELIZABETH: Bradley, with this ring I thee wed, and promise you my love, my devotion, and my faithfulness through all the seasons of my life.

(They kiss, and then sign the Wedding Certificate. As they sign, the Celebrant asks the assembly to sign.

Elizabeth and Bradley are signing the wedding certificate that Caroline O’Malley has lovingly created.

Now … as not just observers, but as loving participants in Elizabeth and Bradley’s wedding, will you each please sign that certificate as witnesses, starting with the parents?

(As the certificate is being signed …)

Bradley and Elizabeth, inasmuch as you have spoken your vows, exchanged the tokens of your commitment, and married yourselves in the presence of this loving company, then by the authority vested in me by the city and state of New York, I also pronounce you husband and wife.